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Depending on the funding arrangement you have with your solicitor and the value of the claim, the greatest risk is that your claim is unsuccessful and you are responsible for your own costs and a large proportion of your opponent’s costs.

A claim which has been funded by way of legal expenses insurance will have an indemnity limit which will not be exceeded by the insurer in any circumstance. Although we endeavour to minimise financial cost throughout each stage of the claim, any costs incurred over the indemnity limit will need to be personally funded by you.

Please also bear in mind that you will have to commit your own time to being involved in the process, too.

It is impossible to say at the outset what the exact final cost is likely to be, as all cases differ and for certain types of case, fixed fees might be available. In each case we will give you the best estimate we can, based on our experience as to what the likely costs are, and discuss with you any alternative ways of resolving the dispute with limited financial cost.