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What happens at a medical assessment?

Minster Law

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The medical appointment is in place to assess your injuries, give you an expected recovery time and recommend any further support that may be beneficial. It is important you tell the medical expert about all the injuries you sustained as a result of the accident, including injuries that you have recovered from, any new injuries that you may have developed, and any pre-existing medical conditions/injuries or previous RTAs.

If you are clinically vulnerable to Covid-19 you can request a remote appointment from the medical agency. If you are attending a remote medical you will need a quiet, well-lit area and a laptop, tablet or mobile with a working camera and microphone.

Please have a photographic ID ready for your appointment (e.g. passport, driving license, or identity card) regardless of the type of appointment.

The consultation will last around 10 minutes and the expert will ask you to fill in a questionnaire. This provides the majority of the information the expert needs to complete their report and you will not undertake a physical exam. The expert is not there to provide treatment or prescribe medication. If you require further treatment other than physio, please contact your own GP for further medical advice.