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What does the MIB do during the claims process?

Minster Law

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During the claims process the MIB will action the following;

  • The MIB will try to trace the untraced driver and/or a relevant insurer to deal with the claim. The MIB may instruct tracing agents to do this.
  • The MIB will check if you reported the accident to the police and will contact them for a copy of any report and the result of their investigations, even if the police have decided to pursue it or not.
  • The MIB will send a request for your full medical records. They will consider the medical history and look for any GP or hospital attendances after the incident.
  • The MIB arrange the medical checks for a you. They use their chosen medical agency and refer all medical records to the expert for review.
  • If applicable, the MIB can also offer private treatment and instruct case managers.
  • The MIB will instruct an enquiry agent, usually from the Cotswold Group or Exam works, to go to your home address and take a witness statement. The MIB can also get the enquiry agent to take a statement from any witnesses to the accident or relevant parties.
  • The MIB will ask for vehicle damage evidence in the form of engineering evidence from you and your insurer.
  • If you did not follow a claim for vehicle damage through your insurer, the MIB will still confirm with them that you reported the incident. If your insurers were not involved in your vehicle claim the MIB will expect you to provide vehicle damage evidence instead.
  • The MIB will consider requests for interim payments and awards at their discretion.
  • The MIB will get locus reports (accident reports) if needed and any further expert reports they deem necessary.

The above is not a full list and the MIB will consider which actions are needed on a case-by-case basis.