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We will use your data to

  1. assess whether we are able to act for you
  2. provide legal services, advice and support to you
  3. manage those services we provide to you
  4. contact and communicate with you
  5. maintain internal record keeping and analysis
  6. measure and gain feedback on customer experience, through customer experience surveys for example
  7. train and manage the employment of our employees who deliver those services
  8. help investigate any worries or complaints you have about your services.

During the course of your claim, it may be necessary to instruct suppliers to provide specialist services in order to progress your claim. This will involve sending them your personal data for the agreed purpose only.

In order to provide the legal service, you have contracted us to do we may share data with some of the following organisations, subject to, where appropriate your specific consent to process this data:

  • Medical agencies to arrange medical appointments.
  • General practitioners and hospitals regarding your medical history.
  • Medical experts to provide medical evidence.
  • Vehicle hire companies to arrange an alternative vehicle, if appropriate.
  • Third party insurers or their representative regarding details of your claim.
  • Defendants (the accused person), if they are not represented, regarding details of your claim.
  • Courts, advocate/counsel and their representatives to support litigation activities.
  • Organisations that support mediation processes and services between insurers and ourselves.
  • Your insurer.
  • Agencies to verify driver and insurance details e.g. the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, the Motor Insurance Database and the Motor Insurance Bureau Services
  • Law enforcement agencies for information relating to the accidents and criminal proceedings.
  • Specialists including, for example, engineers that assess car damage and Forensic Accountants for accounts assessment.
  • Rehabilitation providers to assess, provide treatment and records.
  • The Coroner’s office to support the determination of cause of death.
  • Agencies that support the collection of witness statements.
  • Employers where, with your consent, we may need evidence to support determination of losses.
  • The Health and Safety Executive to establish accident circumstances.
  • Banking/financial services to support payment transactions.
  • Repair organisations to gather information on and in some circumstances, recover costs for repair.
  • Litigation friend/authorised persons, where our customer needs support to run their case.
  • Interpreter agencies to provide translation support for our customer to run the case
  • Organisations that use CCTV to support evidence gathering.
  • Recognised external agencies to facilitate the collection of customer feedback surveys.
  • Recognised external e-signature providers.

 In addition, we may need to share your data to meet our regulatory and legal obligations, with the following organisations:

  • Regulatory authorities such as the Law Society of Scotland, the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission or the Financial Conduct Authority.
  • Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) where criminal activity is suspected.
  • National Crime Agency where fraudulent activity is suspected.
  • Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation (OFSI) where our systems indicate that we have a customer that matches against a government list of individuals with frozen assets.
  • We need to provide reports on customers that could potentially be involved in money laundering activities.

We process data to support our commercial obligations such as:

  • Auditing of adult and child claim files by those organisations that have recommended our services to you (usually your insurer) or the organisation who has provided your Legal Expense Insurance, to test our processes and assess our service levels. Please note that should the audit need to include a review of special category data for example, medical reports, then your consent will be obtained prior to this audit.
  • We will also share the progress of your claim with your Legal Expense Insurance provider and or those organisations that have recommended our services to you to ensure we meet reporting requirements with them. Please note that should they need any special category data for example, medical reports, then your consent will be obtained prior to us sharing the data with them.

We gain specific consent from you to involve you in:

 Public relation activities where we wish to promote our service/ business.

  • Market research activities where we wish to gain your opinion in conducting new product development for example.

We will contact you at any point that these activities are planned to gain your consent. Should you agree to be involved in these activities you can withdraw your consent at any point. You can also decide not to be involved.

We share data to protect someone’s life:

  • By passing data to relevant authorities where we believe our customer is in danger.

Automated Decision-making and Profiling

To inform business decisions, some of the personal data you provide to us will be subject to automated decision-making. Information about your claim circumstances will be automatically processed to determine the likely value of your claim and will identify the most appropriate civil procedure path required to pursue your claim.

We may also use your personal data to create digital profiles, to help us improve our business decisions and the services that we provide. Any personal data used in profiling will be anonymised before the profiling activity takes place.

Where automated decision-making is undertaken, you have the right to request that any resulting decisions are reviewed by a member of our Legal Services Team. You also have the right to object to your personal data being used for the purpose of digital profiling.